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Tiger Brewery Tour
Tiger Brewery Tour
Tiger Brewery Tour
Tiger Brewery Tour
Tiger Brewery Tour
Tiger Brewery Tour
Tiger Brewery

Tiger Brewery Tour

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Step into the home of Tiger Beer and see how we brew Singapore’s iconic beer, with just four high-quality ingredients! The Tiger Brewery Tour takes you behind each step of the brewing process – from milling the malt to packaging.
To round it off, you will try your hand at tapping the perfect pint of draught beer, and sample some of the freshest beers that will touch your lips. The whole tour takes up to an hour and you will then be guided to the Tiger Tavern for the beer appreciation session in which you get to try our local brewed beers free!

1. Visitor Center
Learn more about the illustrious history and heritage of Singapore’s iconic beer right here. With 80 years of brewing excellence under its belt, find out how this humble local beer has now grown in stature to achieve international acclaim with fans all over the world.
2. Brew House
This is also where the finest malt, hops, yeast and water from all over the world meet for a drink. All the beers brewed here use only the finest basic four ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. Here, we take the five steps to brew the perfect beer: milling, mashing and boiling, fermentation, storage and filtration. In Singapore, we brew six brands locally: ABC, Anchor, Barons Strong Brew, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Heineken and Tiger.
3. Packaging Gallery
The Packaging Gallery provides visitors with an up close view of the beer packaging process, adopting the flow of how a Tiger Beer bottle journeys through the process of packaging till distribution. Visitors will also be treated to a beer-tapping demonstration and a chance to tap their own beer!
4. Tiger Tavern
Tiger Tavern is a timeless place; decorated in rich wood and leather, it exudes an old world charm. This is your unique chance to have a glass of the freshest Tiger Beer available anywhere in the world. Sample the range of brews available here, but remember, drink responsibly and know your own limits.
5. Tiger Den
The souvenirs are unique to the Tiger Den and you will only find them in this corner of Singapore! Some of the favorites include the heritage t-shirt, the Tiger Beer shuttle and the limited edition Tiger figurine with Swarovski crystals.

1:00pm/2:00pm/3:00pm/4:00pm/5:00pm start of tour
Visitor Center
Brewing Facility
Packaging Gallery
Tiger Tavern
Beer appreciation session: Free half pint of Tiger Beer and 5 sampling glasses of more than 14 varieties of beers, including Erdinger, Guinness and Heineken

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